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Wandering thoughts

Us coaching professionals can be quite social creatures, but we're often working independently and don't get those 'water-cooler' moments to chat about work, share ideas and feel a bit of camaraderie. 

Therefore, if you work as a coach and you fancy going for a walk with other coaches, then I extend a warm invitation to join us as we get together every couple of months to enjoy a walk together!


Our 2024 walks are:

  • March 15th 2024: Macclesfield Forest (Sarah Leading)

  • May 3rd 2024: Glossop (Gary Leading)

  • July 5th 2024: Peak Forest (Tracy Leading)

  • 6th September: TBC (Open to offers on who would like to lead)

  • 1st November: TBC (Open to offers on who would like to lead)

Future walks are typically on the first Friday every other month. If you know of a walk in the North West that you'd like to guide us on, then let Gary know!

Who's it for?

  • Anyone who works as a Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Coaching Psychologist or any other name we find that suits our practice!

  • Those who like walking and talking

  • This is not an intended to be a formal organised activity - It's a free, informal event bringing together some likeminded people and as such, everyone walks taking full responsibility for themselves, their safety, comfort and enjoyment.

What happens?

We all meet and do some quick introductions and then set off. Gary will often bring along some supervision cards, so if people fancy using the time for some peer supervision, the cards can offer you a nice way to reflect on your practice.

What to bring?

Whilst we never select walks which are technical and typically along footpaths, it can get always get muddy, so we'd recommend walking boots for the puddles and a waterproof in case it rains and sunblock and a hat if it's sunny!

Fancy joining?

If you'd like to come along feel free to join the WhatsApp Group where we announce the plans. If you'd prefer not to join a WhatsApp group, there's a LinkedIn Group that myself and Claire Pedrick look after which has Coach walks all across the country and of course, you can just drop me a text on the day so I know to look out for you!

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