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Clients include:

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Jo, Deputy CEO

I have just completed a 6 month Executive Coaching Programme with Gary and it has been a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Gary's support has enabled me to identify my strengths and areas for development, as well as helping me focus on what I want for the future.

The sessions with Gary have been interesting and engaging; I have had some real light bulb moments and genuinely feel I have developed my leadership skills since our sessions started. He has kept me focused on my original goals throughout our sessions, but also allows time to talk through other issues or concerns as I have needed to. I would highly recommend Gary as a coach, he is so easy to talk to, has an excellent communication style, is non-judgement and fun.

Dougie, Director of Education

Working with Gary has fundamentally changed the way I approach my job, how I manage my teams and reignited ambition and commitment within me.


The sessions with Gary felt like a complete investment in me from both a professional and personal perspective and I believe it was Gary’s skilful handling of where the professional and the personal interact that resulted in the work we did being so transformative. The sessions were carefully planned, well-paced and provided enough support for me to be brave, but enough challenge to embrace risk and uncertainty.


The relationship Gary provided was at the heart of this work; in short, he provided a professional relationship that allowed me to grow which will have wide ranging positive impacts for my organisation, but also for my future career. I can honestly say that this was the best piece of professional development of my career.

Sam, Partner

Gary, put simply, is an incredibly effective coach and seriously impressive individual. He builds rapport and trust instantly, gets to heart of the challenge and supports you to create clear and achievable actions which move you forward. He does this effortlessly. This will be of little surprise to anyone who has spent even a short amount of time with Gary.


His diverse range of work throughout his career and long list of dazzling accomplishments put him in a place where I could recommend him to anyone is any situation for business or personal coaching.

Laurent, President

Gary has a gift for connecting and making people feel safe which is critical for a successful coaching. He also has the amazing ability to focus on the positive and make the coaching experience a true build up of energy.


If you add this to a sharp intelligence and great listening and empathy and you're probably not far from the perfect coaching combination !

Clare, Director of Talent

As a coach, Gary creates a rich and supportive environment with huge positivity. He combines this with succinct powerful questions. Being coached by Gary was an amazing experience and felt like a masterclass, our conversations were very natural and easy but at the same time carried enough challenge to create change. I count my self lucky to have been coached by Gary

Emy, Group HR Director

Gary is sunshine and smarts in equal measure. The warmth of the sun and the steely directness that I have found invaluable when you are always navigating new angles of who you are as a person and how you can do better, know better and be better.


Gary has an arsenal of learning models at his fingertips and has the ability to put people at ease even when they are being challenged - making the uncomfortable conversations prime places for growth is a wonderful skill and Gary is a force for good.

Ruth, Business Owner

Gary emanates warmth, compassion and connection as a coach. He poses thoughtful and perfectly framed questions which expand your thinking and enable you to explore things deeply.


Gary was so attuned to me and my individual nuances that he enabled me to do some very deep and profound work.   Alongside all of this Gary has a proven track record as a leader across many different sectors. He skilfully brings this knowledge into the coaching session without being directive, and creates the space in a professional, but relaxed and caring way.

Mark, Deputy Director

Gary is an excellent coach. He helped me develop goals to build my resilience that will allow me to thrive in a chaotic and rapidly changing organisation. He has a very high emotional intelligence and took care to offer a safe and confidential space to discuss challenges, which I previously felt I was shouldering alone. He was fixated on helping me surmount the problems stunting my professional growth. He is not just very well informed- being a voracious reader and learner- but having led a large organisation he imbibed confidence, describing firsthand experiences of overcoming knotty challenges.


Throughout my coaching sessions he was able to offer such advice while remaining an active listener, provoking me and supporting me to think through my problems. Many of my challenges were interpersonal and Gary was able to offer compelling suggestions based on his lengthy experience with these. He is clearly interested in how people interact and how our the human brain operates. I can't recommend him highly enough and look forward to working with him in the future.

Lauren, 101 Grad

I was lucky enough to be coached by Gary following a UK101 leadership programme. His friendly and down to Earth character instantly put me at ease and I felt comfortable talking about many topics. Whether it was decision making, self confidence or interview technique, Gary equipped me with a range of tools to navigate challenges, which I still use now.


As well as enjoying our sessions thanks to Gary's warmth and humour, I took a lot from them and would very much recommend him to anybody.

Dil, Head of Sales

It’s not very often you meet someone in the real world with super powers, but Gary is one of them!  In all my time working for various people, Gary is without doubt one of the most inspiring, genuine and authentic leaders I have had the pleasure of working for.  His ability to listen, understand and reflect on complex challenges and utilise inquisitive questioning to help find a suitable solution is exceptional.


I have genuinely benefitted from Gary’s passion for development in my own career and always found our interactions insightful and useful.  He possesses a unique skill of challenging with decorum which has helped in my career no end.  See, super powers! 

Chantel, Head of Continuous Improvement and Quality

I can honestly say he is one of the  most passionate and inspiring leaders I have ever worked with. 


Gary really understands things to operational detail, but is also able to see everything in a wider context and drive strategy. 


He is extremely intelligent and will often offer challenge to drive efficiency, innovation and performance whilst always making sure this is people focussed.

Deborah, CEO

Gary has an incredible understanding of organisational development, and a real skill in leadership - inspiring colleagues and ensuring that they are all committed to the same goal. 


I'd absolutely recommend working with him; his knowledge, skill and the energy that he brings to any project make him a real asset.

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