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Executive Coaching

What is it?

Executive or Leadership Coaching is a facilitative one-on-one experience designed to give you time to focus on your own leadership and performance.


Used by CEOs, Directors, Managers and Entrepreneurs it offers a unique space to gain insight on the challenges and opportunities faced at work.  


Through powerful questioning and inquiry comes creativity, perspective and conviction of action that will help you to deliver results in the workplace.  


Executive coaching can be used for a brief period of change or challenge, or as a continuous engagement. Exec Coaching offers an independent space for reflecting on your business, decision making, strategy and leadership.

What are the benefits?

Executive Coaching offers you the opportunity to:

  • Make better decisions

  • Recharge and reflect

  • Decompress from the day to day pressures of work

  • Build resilience

  • Gain perspective

  • Slow down your thinking to help you focus on what is important rather than urgent

  • Gain clarity of thought and purpose

  • Re-connect with your motivation

  • Better understand the motivations of others

How does it work?

The first principle of Executive Coaching is that you are the most informed about your own circumstances. You have the best, most informed answers already, they might just be really well hidden.


I am there to firstly help you clarify the challenge/opportunity and then to explore through questions and inquiry what options might exist before supporting you to decide on the best course of action and lock in commitment to take the next step.

Coaching will usually start with a discovery session. This session is an opportunity for you to ask any questions; for both of us to get to know each other and most importantly, to decide if coaching feels like the right thing. The discovery session isn't a coaching session as such, but it should give you a good idea of what coaching with me will be like. It is typical that during this meeting we'll identify what you would most like to focus on over the time we're working together, but rest assured, you can bring 'live issues' to each coaching session so that you get the most from the experience.

Individual sessions usually last between 60 and 120 minutes and will take place somewhere relaxed, quiet and comfortable. This can of course include sessions online.  It works best if you have identified a goal or challenge you'd like to work on before each session, but don't panic if you haven't, we can focus on your overall development goals that we will have captured in our first meeting.

Executive Coaching is usually booked for 6-12 months or a rolling monthly contract for your business.  At all times, I subscribe to the ICF Code of Ethics

I also offer walking coaching sessions if you think better on the move.

What is it like to be coached by Me?

I am quick to build rapport and enjoy working with all people through ​a very genuine sense of positive curiosity. During a coaching session I am working to create the best thinking environment. The level of support and challenge I offer throughout is responsive to your needs and you can ask for me to dial these things up and down as we work together.


As a Coaching Psychologist and academically trained with Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) and Barefoot, I have a strong psychological focus to my practice. In practical terms, this means that we'll think about assumptions, belief systems, attitudes and behavioural patterns during our session. 

As someone with many years of senior leadership experience in both start-ups and multi-national organisations I bring a pragmatic understanding of how to be effective in the workplace.  Where it adds value, I can share models and tools either during or between sessions to further your thinking on the things which matter most to you.

If you're interested in learning a little bit more about me, then pop over to the About Me section of the site or find out what other people have said about working with me through my testimonials or LinkedIn Recommendations.

Every great relationship starts with a good chat... I offer a free 30 minute no commitment discovery call for anyone who would like to find out more about what coaching might be like. Feel free to book a time online or get in touch and we can find a time that works!

Is coaching right for you? Why not check out this quick guide from ICF to help you decide.

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