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Seven things to do each day!

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Whilst crowdsourcing for a blog post on Zones of Regulation, another model came up for the seven daily essential activities to optimise brain matter and create well-being called the Healthy Mind Platter which has been developed by Dr. David Rock and Dr. Daniel J Siegel. This model offers a guide to seven things we should try and squeeze in each day in order to feel at our very best. Given that looking after ourselves is arguably the most important thing we can do for others, I thought I would splash out on two blog posts and try a little bit of art!

Seven Essential Activities

  1. Focus Time: When we focus on tasks in a goal orientated way. Really concentrating on things makes deep connections in the brain.

  2. Play Time: When we allow ourselves to be spontaneous or creative. When we're relaxed and playful, we create new connections in the brain!

  3. Connecting Time: Spending time with others, ideally face-to-face is a powerful way to appreciate our connection to others and reinforces the brain's relational circuitry.

  4. Down Time: Those times when we're not actively working to achieve something, but we're giving our mind a chance to wander - an excellent way to re-charge our brain.

  5. Time In: Quietly reflecting and spending time in our own mind. This could be focussing on sensations, images, thoughts or feelings and it helps the brain enhance focus and integration.

  6. Sleep Time: We all need to give our brain a rest and getting 6-8 hours of sleep a night helps us to be our very best. During sleep our brain takes the time to consolidate the learning from the day and file things away for future reference.

  7. Physical Time: Aerobic exercise gets blood flowing round our bodies and mind. The release of endorphins and the flood of oxygen really helps the mind to stay healthy and alert!

It's a great reminder of the things that enable us to build resilience and scheduling these things into your diary is often just as important as that governance meeting or report deadline! If you're feeling out of sorts, perhaps quickly audit your day and consider which of the above you might have missed?

Thanks to Dan Hall, Director from Coca-Cola for sending over the link!

Thanks also for reading!

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