I am really delighted you have selected me to be your coach.

To make it as easy as possible, I wanted to have this page as a reference point for you to use to get the most out of coaching.

The process

So, we've already had the chemistry session and decided that coaching with me will be a good fit, so firstly, thank you. I'm excited to start working together! The table below serves as a guide as to what to expect from your coaching experience with me. During our period of social distancing, we can still do our coaching sessions over Zoom. If you've not used it before, there's a Zoom guide here.

If you create an account on my website (top right 'Log In' button), you can book, reschedule and cancel your sessions.


NB Please check your Coaching Agreement for cancellation terms.

Coaching Experience

Step 1: Establish your coaching goals

A good place to start is to really have a think about what you want to get from coaching. By completing this Coaching Goals word document and sending it to me before the first session, I can get a really clear idea of what success for you would look like for you. If you're limited on time, just send me across 2-4 bullet points on what you would really like to get from coaching.

Step 2: Complete the Coaching Agreement

Once you've shared with me your 'Strategic Goals' for coaching, I'll send over a Coaching Agreement. As you can see from the example in the link, this covers all of those foundational things that are required by the International Coaching Federation including my Code of Ethics

Step 3: Book in your sessions

Coaching works best when the sessions are clustered. Clients typically opt for a session each month, but if you're embarking on a significant programme of change, you might want your sessions more frequently. Just let me know what you think will work best and we can get your sessions booked in. You can book in your sessions via my online booking system. By creatng an account on the site first (Top right hand side 'Log In' button) you'll be able to see all your booked sessions in one place and reschedule as needed. I also offer a 'coaching on demand' service subject to availabilty. If something comes up where you'd like a coaching session, let me know and I'll do my best to get you booked in asap.

Step 4: Prep for your coaching session

Each coaching session will typically be 90-120 minutes. It is good to think about what you would like to work on before each session to get the most from the experience. That could be something related to your strategic goals, or a live issue/opportunity which you would like to do some more thinking about. Bring pen and paper with you to the session as it's likely you'll want to make a note of learning or commitments.

Step 5: During/immediately after your coaching session

During your coaching session you may have made commitments to yourself. Think about booking time into your diary to make sure these commitments are realised.

What Next?

If you're keen to continue coaching following our sessions, then let me know and we can organise getting you set up either personally, or through your employer.

Here's to mutual success!

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