I am really delighted you have selected me to be your coach.

To make it as easy as possible, I wanted to have this page as a reference point for you to use to get the most out of coaching.

The process

So, we've already had the discovery call and decided that coaching with me will be a good fit, so firstly, thank you. I'm excited to start working together! The table below serves as a guide as to what to expect from your coaching experience with me.

Just let me know what works best for you and we can get our sessions booked in. Most clients have opted for online in recent times and whilst I can work across any platform, I have found Zoom to be the best. Zoom guide here.

If you create an account on my website (top right 'Log In' button), you can book, reschedule and cancel your sessions.

If we're working together face-to-face, whilst you are welcome to get a sense of my likely availability via the online system, it's not yet clever enough to know how long the travel might take, so in these instances, let's connect in person to work out the best times!


NB Please check your Coaching Agreement for cancellation terms.

What Next?

If you're keen to continue coaching following our sessions, then let me know and we can organise getting you set up either personally, or through your employer.

Here's to mutual success!