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A webinar aimed at enhancing our adaptability by fostering comfort with ambiguity, promoting flexible work approaches, cultivating a growth mindset, and adeptly navigating conflicting needs


Additional Resources

Here you can download or navigate to the additional resources mentioned in the workshop. Enjoy!

An article to describe in more detail the work on Dave Snowden

A video that introduces the concept of being either above or below the line - It's a great way to capture some of the fundamentals of Carol Dweck's work on Growth Mindset.

An Exercise designed to help people move towards a growth mindset through noticing fixed mindset elements in oneself and then actively adopting growth-oriented actions.

An article on recognising the difference between polarities and problems and the balancing act that leaders and managers traverse in order to balance two desired outcomes which are in direct opposition to each other.

A document for you to capture your own polarity mapping.

A template for you to capture your own adaptation of the start, stop, continue tool from Agile Project management.

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