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Leading in New Worlds

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

There are many fascinating things about being an Executive Coach, but one I have definitely noticed in recent months is that we get to appreciate and learn about how wide ranging organisations are being affected by the world we find ourselves in. Covid, Brexit, increased responsibilities for the mental health of team members, leading dispersed teams, accelerated change programmes and navigating through complexity and uncertainty.

As a coach, we're specifically trained to spot patterns and I was noticing patterns that were consistent across quite a range of organisation types.

Seemingly, it wasn't just me noticing patterns. I do a lot of work for Mezzana Partners in London, a consultancy and coaching business that specialises in supporting teams to deliver high performance. Between the three Directors and three Associates, we must be actively supporting over 100 organisations at this moment in time and the same patterns were emerging.

We therefore took the decision to codify the patterns and design a programme that we thought might support our clients.

A few weeks later and we've done it!

We've designed a programme that can be delivered in house, or as an open programme. Whilst all of the elements have been delivered and tested individually, we're really excited about seeing the impact when all the constituent elements are combined together.

Taking place over four months, each of the four modules start with an online workshop followed by 21 days of habit building which uses a cool piece of tech that Mezzana deploy in a lot of their delivery!

  • Module 1: Leading Remotely. Creating a sense of psychological safety and connectedness will be a critical leadership capability in the months ahead. This module focuses on understanding psychological needs (your own and others) and how to create an environment of safety and connectedness in your team.

  • Module 2: Building High Performing Dispersed Teams. In an uncertain and changing world, organisational agility is paramount. Organisational agility is founded on a structure of cross-functional adaptive, innovative and collaborative teams. This module will help leaders make the most of their available dispersed talent to build and sustain high performing, responsive and agile teams.

  • Module 3: Leading Through Complexity. The complexity of the world we're in and will continue to inhabit requires a different style of decision making and leadership. Collaboration, exploration and experimentation will be critical as leaders shift to adopt an emergent leadership style. Drawing from the Cynefin framework, leaders will be exposed to a new lens with which to think about and approach leading in a complex world.

  • Module 4: Reimagining the Future. The shadow of COVID will cast long spell - our current and future landscape has changed beyond recognition, along with the rules of engagement. The need to scan the horizon, anticipate and reimagine the future and seize opportunities has become a fundamental leadership requirement. This module will help leaders develop the capacity to reimagine the future for their organisations.

Our first open programme is going live at the end of September and will be wrapped up by Christmas.

  • Module 1 - 30th Sept, 8-10am

  • Module 2 - 21st Oct, 8-10am

  • Module 3 - 11th Nov, 8-10am

  • Module 4 - 2nd Dec, 8-10am

If you think you'd like to come long for the ride, you can get more information here, or better still, give me a shout.

As ever, thanks for reading!

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