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A review of 2023!

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

As we arrive at my final working day of 2023, I've crunched my numbers to see what I've been up to over the year.

All the numbers are up on last year (it's been a busy one) and I've had more corporate work which has enabled me to do even more social impact work. I'd like to say a massive thank you to all of my corporate and SME clients; your support means I'm able to keep up the social impact side of my work. (I actually can't believe I've had the time as this year has also had a big house renovation project!)

The Charities I've worked with have come from all over the country and have covered priority areas including:

  • Funding small charities

  • Learning-disabled people

  • Neurodiversity

  • Domestic Violence

  • Mental Health

  • Young People

  • Conversation and Environmental

  • Adult social care

  • Women and Girls work

  • LGBTQIA+ Communities

  • Careers Services

I also had an opportunity to coach on the Civil Service Senior Leaders Programme this year and worked with exceptionally smart people from Cabinet Office, BEIS, DEFRA, Levelling Up, Department for Transport, Department of Health and Social Care, Home Office, Department of Justice to name just a few. The complex work they do in politically tumultuous times never ceases to amaze me.


Most of my volunteering remains the same as last year. I'm still a Non Exec Director for three organisations - all working in the education space - most notably the University of Manchester. As well as sitting on the main board, I chair the Remuneration Committee and am a member of the People & Organisational Development Committee, and Awards & Honours Committee. It's been a big year for the University as it prepares for the bicentenary and the appointment of a new Vice Chancellor to succeed Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell.

I continue to take a keen interest in staff wellbeing and have been the strategic lead for this on the board of Victorious Academies Trust and spoke at a wellbeing conference for the University Sector representing the University of Manchester.

In terms of other volunteering work, I've been coaching the brilliant Steve Hoggins, CEO of the Philosophy Foundation. The organisation's mission is to bring understanding, wisdom and eudaimonia (flourishing) to the heart of education for children and adults. At the core is the belief that by 'doing philosophy', beneficiaries learn to think better, to act more wisely and thereby help to improve their opportunities as well as the quality of their and others’ lives. Feels very attuned to coaching!

New Stat!

This year, I've also included a new stat which I thought might be interesting as whilst it's not technically about social impact, it is about my mission to empower even more people with great coaching skills. In total, I've spent 46 working days over the year supporting other coaching professionals. This is either through my work with Barefoot training new Coaches on the Post Graduate Certificate or through my Coach Mentor or Coaching Supervision work. Included in these hours was a Retreat for Coaching Professionals I hosted to share the latest insights from the academic world of Coaching Psychology and Neuroscience and of course my 'Wandering Thoughts' Group which gathers coaching professionals to connect and chat whilst having a nice walk in the countryside!

Next Year

2024 will definitely be an interesting one for me. In September, I'll step down from the Board of the University after 9 YEARS of service. I'll be on the look out for a replacement NED role in the new year which I am hoping will be as good as the University (although I'm worried it doesn't get much better than that one!) If you know of something where you think I can add value, please do get in touch!

Additionally, early next year I have my very first call to do Jury Service. This is clearly going to take a big chunk out of my normal volunteering time as it's a minimum of two weeks (10 days) and represents a big opportunity cost for me given I'm self-employed. I haven't quite decided if I am looking forward to it or not... Fingers crossed I get easy cases!

So, that's it... My year in summary. Wishing everyone an AMAZING festive break and I hope it offers everyone a chance to rest and recuperate...

As always, thanks for stopping by

* Methodology: I count direct hours of working and multiply this by 1.2 as there is nearly always additional preparation, travel and reading time necessary. I then divide this time into half day units of 3.5 hours in order to get to my totals. Time is always rounded to the nearest half day unit for ease of presentation.

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