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Spirit of 2012 Webinar

Leading Change

Breakout room 1

  1. What are we noticing with our beneficiaries right now?

  2. How has this changed over the last few weeks?

  3. What do we anticipate their needs to be in the coming weeks?

  4. What solutions have we developed (or would like to develop) in order to meet the needs of our clients?

Breakout room 2

  1. What are we noticing with ourselves right now?

  2. What do you need to be as effective?

  3. What are noticing with your colleagues right now?

  4. What solutions have you already developed or implemented to meet the needs of your colleagues?

  5. What do you anticipate your colleagues will need over the coming weeks?

Webinar Materials

Click the webinar agenda to download a pdf of the slides

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About Gary Buxton

Gary has worked in the social impact sector for 20 years and was Founding Chief Executive of the national youth charity Young Advisors.  He formed the organisation in 2006 and over 7 years, grew the organisation through a social franchising model to employ over 1,500 across 55 locations nationally. In recognition of the evolving commissioning landscape, in 2015, Gary took the inaugural Director of Youth Services role with Ingeus, a global B-Corp to establish their service offer for young people.  In addition to mobilising a UK contract portfolio of £70 million, Gary designed programmes for Ingeus internationally.


As a qualified Executive Coach with a degree in Psychology and additional complimentary qualifications in Action Learning, Psychometrics, Project Management and Facilitation, Gary brings both technical and experiential insights into his coaching practice.


Gary’s coaching style is characterised by positive curiosity and he uses a wide range of tools and models to support the coaching process.  Through open questioning, thought experiments and the use of creative techniques, Gary is able to find unique ways of unlocking your inner motivations and accelerate your thinking to bring new insight on both leading people and strategy.


You can find out more about Gary on the About Me section of his site, and you can discover what other people say about him through his testimonials or LinkedIn Recommendations.


Gary delivers coaching for leaders and managers as well as a wide range of training and development programmes:

  • Leadership Development

  • Leading Change

  • Coaching and Listening Skills

  • Team Dynamics & Myers Briggs Type Indicator

  • Managing Conflict

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