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Coaching Collective

Unusual times call for an extraordinary response. We Coaches are normally independent business owners but the recent crisis is deserving of a more collective effort.

We recognise that coaching through and immediately after this crisis is more in demand than ever. Recent research by Grant Thornton suggested that senior leaders were reporting that the value they had been getting from coaching now is 24% higher than pre-Covid.

In order to meet the diverse needs of organisations, four Greater Manchester based Executive Coaches have teamed up to offer a one-stop-shop service for clients looking to deploy coaching as part of their recovery plan. This coaching programme is designed for senior leaders, offering them the space to reflect and improve their decision making and well-being.

Coaching can take place either online, or, when lock down ends, face to face.

Why Coaching & why now?

The quality of decisions, wellbeing of colleagues and focus of attention at this pivotal moment offers an opportunity for change that effectively equips your organisation for what is to come. 

  • Leaders are a critical barometer of an organisation, those that display positive emotional regulation have a calming influence which is often replicated deeper into the organisation

  • Uncertainty is stressful, processing in real time increases wellbeing and resilience

  • Challenges amplify limiting beliefs, addressing these provides a more open and responsive mindset

  • Responding effectively requires agility, attention and focus 

  • Directing attention to what is controllable saves time, energy and money

  • Time away from the workplace can stimulate thinking about the future, there is an opportunity to develop and maintain talent, and deliver enhanced business performance. 


Coaching will support managers and leaders in the above and enable them to more effectively face into the challenges that are being faced today, and into the future.

Meet the coaching team


Executive Coach & NED

Gary Buxton MBE

Gary joined the coaching world following extensive executive leadership experience across commercial and public sector organisations. He has led numerous multimillion pound change programmes and mobilisations and has first hand experience of leading thousands of staff and designing large supply chains. He is a Non-Exec Director of the University of Manchester and an Enterprise Adviser for Greater Manchester Combined Authority. By combining emotional intelligence and pragmatism Gary supports his clients to lead change whilst keeping a performance focus.


Gary's has been published by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, Association for Coaching, Institute of Directors and ACEVO. Gary is a registered Coach with the International Coaching Federation. With a love of tech, delivering online and walking based coaching, he's a great thinking partner for Covid times!

Gary's corporate clients are typically across IT, Legal, Outsourcing/Infrastructure and Finance sectors and his non-profit clients sit across Government Administration, Health, Education and Housing.

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Executive Coach

Dr Dani White

Danielle supports people to develop clarity during periods of transition through research, workshops and executive coaching. All are underpinned by a coaching approach, enabling her clients to listen deeply to their current reality, the environment around them and opportunities for navigating and directing change. 


With a background in the charity and higher education sectors, and a keen interest in enabling people to be the best version of themselves, Danielle has spent many years practically and theoretically exploring factors that shape and block people’s thinking in relation to actively planning and navigating their career.  She holds a Doctorate in career transition where her focus has been to support the development of agency in decision making, particularly in spaces that are highly structured such as large bureaucratic or hierarchical organisations. 


Danielle is a qualified Executive Coach and active member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation). She supports leaders from a variety of sectors including heads of school within the primary, secondary and University sectors, academics in research and teaching, and business leaders initiating, scaling or pivoting a project.  Across her coaching Danielle is able to support the identification of priorities and how to navigate / put in place structures to achieve these, to cut through the confusion and focus with attention and motivation upon what is most important.

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Executive Coach and HR Consultant

Jo Killgallon

A qualified Executive and Leadership Coach with a background in HR spanning over 25 years Jo has supported managers and leaders at the most senior levels in large organisations, across a range of industries to ensure that their businesses thrive. 


Coaching line managers and leaders to think differently, tackle problems and issues in ways they hadn’t before has helped them to grow into authentic and Impactful leaders, helping the businesses in which they work be even more successful.


She balances a supportive yet challenging style, dependent upon the needs of the coachee. Understanding an individual’s strengths, development areas, but also values and motivation are at the core of Jo’s coaching. Those who understand who they are, and why they are like that, are best placed to make deliberate and effective decisions about their present and future actions. 


Jo uses a range of techniques, theories and models adapted to suit the needs of the coachee, their needs and the situation.


Jo is a Chartered member of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and belongs to The ICF (International Coach Federation)


Executive Coach

Rachel Valentine

An executive coach, consultant and trainer with over 10 years’ experience of working in a Senior Learning and Development role in HE, supporting people to excel in their current role and prepare for their next.


Using a collaborative approach, Rachel supports clients to rediscover their strengths and values and understand how they may be holding themselves back. Her focus is on inspiring and empowering greatness; challenging clients to stop ‘going through the motions’ and focus instead on practical tools and solutions that will enable the real and permanent changes they want to achieve. Rachel takes a deeper psychological approach to her work, using a range of approaches such as Emotional Intelligence, Transactional Analysis, NLP and CBT, to help clients to get to the root of their challenges.

As well as a qualified Executive coach, Rachel is also a chartered Health & Safety Practitioner. An area of interest is the use of coaching to support good mental health and wellbeing, and the improvement of workplace cultures to promote higher levels of care and compassion as well as engagement and performance.

Coaching Offers

These programmes have been designed to deliver coaching at an affordable rate to maximise the number of people who can be supported following Covid.

​We have three coaching programmes, each with three pricing bands.


  • Our 1:1 Coaching Programme is designed for a specific member of the team and can be purchased in session blocks of 3, 6 or 12 sessions. The client will get to have a free 30 minute chemistry session with up to 3 of our coaching team before selecting the coach that feels right for them. All subsequent coaching sessions will be in partnership with the selected coach.

  • Our Flex Coaching Programme is designed to enable your organisation to block buy coaching sessions which you can then deploy flexibly across your leadership team. The sessions can be delivered by one of our coaches, or you can mix and match. To allow your team to get to know us, we're happy to host a group chemistry meeting to help them to get to know each of us in a bit more detail before making their selection.

  • Our Coaching Surgery Programme enables you to arrange a set number of days and your team can book in at a time that suits them for a coaching session. This product guarantees the time of a single coach for a whole day and you can therefore only select one coach per day (unless you’re running parallel surgeries). To make sure you get the most suitable coach(es) for your organisation, we will offer a chemistry session with the commissioning team member. Each coaching session is a stand alone experience unlike our 1:1 and Flex Coaching Programmes that are designed to lead on from the previous session for each individual involved.

If you’re keen to explore a blended model, just let us know and we can generate a quote.

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1:1 Coaching

3 flexible sessions

  • Chemistry and contracting meeting

  • 3 x 2 hour coaching sessions

  • Discounts offered for multiple purchases

Price: £1,500

(Exc. VAT/Travel)

Young Tattoo Artist

Flex Coaching

10 Sessions

  • Group chemistry meeting

  • 10 x 2 hour sessions to be deployed across your organisation

Price: £3,500

(Exc. VAT/Travel)

office light


1 Coach over 3 days

  • Drop in surgery for coaching sessions. Maximum number of coaching sessions per day capped at 4 each lasting between 60-90 minutes.

  • Total of up to 12 sessions

Price: £3,375

(Exc. VAT/Travel)


1:1 Coaching

6 flexible sessions

  • Chemistry and contracting meeting

  • 6 x 2 hour coaching sessions

  • Discounts offered for multiple purchases

Price: £2,400

(Exc. VAT/Travel)

Group Discussion

Flex Coaching

30 sessions

  • Group chemistry meeting

  • 30 x 2 hour sessions to be deployed across your organisation flexibly

Price: £9,750

(Exc. VAT/Travel)

Office Space


1 Coach over 10 days

  • Drop in surgery for coaching sessions. Maximum number of coaching sessions per day capped at 4 each lasting between 60-90 minutes.

  • Total of up to 40 sessions

Price: £9,750

(Exc. VAT/Travel)

Business Organization

1:1 Coaching

12 flexible sessions

  • Chemistry and contracting meeting

  • 12 x 2 hour coaching sessions

  • Discounts offered for multiple purchases

Price: £4,200

(Exc. VAT/Travel)

Smiling Man on Laptop

Flex Coaching

50 sessions

  • Group chemistry meeting

  • 50 x 2 Sessions to be deployed across your organisation flexibly

Price: £15,000

(Exc. VAT/Travel)

Therapy Office


1 Coach over 20 days

  • Drop in surgery for coaching sessions. Maximum number of coaching sessions per day capped at 4 each lasting between 60-90 minutes.

  • Total of up to 80 sessions

Price: £18,000

(Exc. VAT/Travel)