Greater Manchester Chapter

To support the sharing of information and coordination of events, the Greater Manchester Clore Social Chapter Team will publish information on this page and also communicate things through WhatsApp, Email and the Clore Social LinkedIn Group.  If you would like to get in touch to either join or find out more about the group, then feel free to email or log your details on our registrations page


Meeting dates for 2019/2020

Event Registration is announced to our mailing lists and signing up is through EventBrite. All meetings are held in or close to Manchester City Centre.

  • Thursday 3rd October 2019 13:00-16:00 (LGBT Foundation)

  • Tuesday 3rd December 2019 14:00-17:00 with optional evening social event (Base Location TBC)

    • ​A walk around Manchester with the insights of a worker who’s delivered outreach for 17 years, looking at some of the changes that have come with the current homeless crisis and some of Manchester marginalised citizens in the context of a devolved Greater Manchester. 

  • Monday 2nd March 2020 13:00-16:00 (Men’s Room Charity)

  • Wednesday 3rd June 2020 (TBC) - North Summit - Open Event

  • Social Innovation Study Visit - TBC Dependent on the opportunities that present themselves over the year

  • July 2020: Clore Social Leadership will arrange an opportunity for all Chapters across the country to come together for an event.

What to expect?

Each meeting follows a similar format, but will evolve to respond to the membership.  Our current meeting structure is as follows:


All attendees introduce themselves, their current role and their organisation.

Know yourself, Be Yourself, Look After Yourself

Individual and Group Coaching using either an Action Learning, Supervision or loose group coaching model. People introduce a challenge or difficulty that they are facing in work and offer it to the group for reflection and resolution.

Assess Context

Each meeting, one member will present some sector contextual information to others for information.Eg: ‘The devolution of Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester’ or ‘The changing landscape of Youth Services’

Clore Backpack Tool

An opportunity for members to share a tool from the Clore Back Pack or another tool that they have found useful in their work. Typically this would just be 1 to 3 brief introductions at each meeting.

Nominations for next meeting

We ask attending members who would like to: Chair the next meeting, present some sectoral context or bring a tool which they have found useful in their day-to-day working experience. Members who are able to bring something to the next meeting will get a guaranteed place.

Work With & Through Others

Following the above conversations, participants should have a strong sense of the skills, knowledge and networks in the room and we will therefore encourage a more relaxed space for conversations between members and small groups.


  • Chapter Secretary: Gary Buxton, Executive Coach & Facilitator

  • Chapter Treasurer: Hayley Speed, Head of Health & Social Care @ The Manchester Men's Room